Aipix Intelligent Video analytics

Aipix Videoanalytics

AI-based video data analysis with preset business cases and customisable responses

Intelligent video analysis and processing
of video streams from various sources

High-performance scalable architecture for managing video stream analytics

  • Smart data processing pipeline based on neural networks

  • Publish live streams using RTSP protocol

  • CPU-based processing to save hardware resources

  • Flexible video analytics framework for quick deployment of new business cases

AI-powered tool of video content analytics

Dedicated tenants (virtual isolated spaces) for each end user, whether it's a corporate organization or an individual customer


Web-based 3-step system setup an analytics case

  • Create & name analytics case
  • Specify event & choose reaction
  • Select resources & configure cameras

The integrated video analytics solution
to meet business goals

Choose from a catalog of available cases

  • Analyze incoming data

    • Facial recognition

      identify individuals and match them with lists in real-time with appropriate event response

    • License Plate Recognition

      automatically recognize vehicle license pates with comparison against a database with flexible reactions and notifications

    • People Counting

      count the foot traffic in an area or crossing an area in real-time

    • Cross Line Detection

      automatically detect objects crossing a virtual line to control entrances, exits and other zones

    • Fire & Smoke Detection

      detect smoke and open flame within configurable zones and trigger alarms

    • Sabotage Detection

      continuously monitor camera availability, detect cameras' damage, blocking or vandalism and trigger alarms

    • Loud Sounds Detection

      automatically identify the loud sounds using the video camera's microphone and issue notifications based on assigned detection parameters

    • Motion Detection

      automatically detect objects moving in a specified area, identify the start and stop of the movement and trigger alerts

  • Flexible responses to a selected event

    • Switch on camera when triggered by event criteria

    • Tag events

    • Send sound notification

    • Send event notifications over messengers

    • Display event in sidebar

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