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Aipix empowers Telecom Operators to elevate their business by running Value-Added Services

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Industry-leading solution that suits Telco in every way

  • Rapid service launch

    Swiftly and effortlessly introduce new services with pre-built Aipix solution for Telecom business

  • Mass service focus

    Direct your attention towards providing services to a broad audience using our comprehensive solution.

  • White label option

    Utilize Aipix's White Label solution to launch services under your own brand, enhancing your brand visibility.

  • Multi-tenant ecosystem

    Establish a native, multi-tenant ecosystem of digital services, offering distinct virtual systems for each customer

  • Seamless integration

    Integrate the Aipix solution seamlessly with Telecom automated systems through an API, ensuring a smooth and cohesive operational environment.

  • Autoprovisioning capabilities

    Utilize autoprovisioning to effortlessly connect an unlimited number of cameras, streamlining the onboarding process for both operators and users

Say no to black boxes – see in action!

Running VAS for any type of your subscribers


Who can take advantages of the Aipix solution

Telecom Providers and 5G Mobile Operators

  • To explore untapped avenues of generating income
  • To increase revenue from telecom core services
  • To increase net editions
  • To run 5G service enabler for fixed wireless access

Service Providers

  • To diversify revenue streams
  • To provide new digital value-added services and stand out among competitors
  • To have quick return on investment
  • To attract and retain customers

Security Companies and System Integrators

  • To explore new revenue streams and expand their customer base
  • To switch from project-based approach to reccuring service-based business
  • To utilise in-house technological resources

Aipix – your partner in Telecom success through smart VAS implementation

Up to
Increased customer acquisitions
Up to
Increased revenue from core services
Up to 200 Increased LTV

Revolutionize your Telecom business launching new Value-Added Services with Aipix

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