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Aipix Telecom VSaaS Platform helps Telecom SP
to launch Value-Added Services (VAS) and drive new revenue streams

Driving new VAS benefits for Telco

Use Aipix as ready-made solution to build your own VSaaS and new security services

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  • white-label-icon White label solution for personal branding of services
  • devices-icon Web, Windows Client, iOS and Android applications
  • quick-icon Out-of-the-box tool to provide service with flexible tariffs and parameters
  • low-cost-icon Reduced service ownership costs due to high performance of all components
  • settings-icon Best-in-class performance
  • provisioning-icon Native multi-tenant platform
  • provisioning-icon On-premises deployment
  • provisioning-icon Seamless API-based integration with the Telecom SP infrastructure (BSS\OSS, CRM, others)
  • videoanalytics-icon AI video analytics with pre-set business cases
  • interactive-telephony-icon Smart-security services: intercoms, access control and IoT management
  • interactive-telephony-icon Vendor-agnostic platform compatible with any vendor of servers and IP cameras
  • interactive-telephony-icon Automated camera provisioning to speed up service penetration

True Hybrid Cloud Platform Architecture

Combines and unifies public and private cloud technology with on-premises infrastructure to create flexible and cost-effective cloud security services

img remote site
img remote site

Choose from a range of existing business cases or create your own scenarios for B2B, B2C and even B2B2C markets

  • B2B sector

    Launch cloud-based video surveillance service for SMBs and large distributed Enterprises as a separate service or as part of bundle with Internet.

    Use advantage of the whole spectrum of turnkey scenarios: video surveillance and security integrations, video analytics for security and business cases

    • banks-icon Banks
    • retail-icon Retail
    • commerce-icon Commerce
    • building-icon Construction
    • education-icon Manufacturing
    • government-icon State institutions
    • education-icon Education
    • airports-icon Airports
    • transport-icon Transport
    • logistics-icon Logistics
  • B2C sector

    Expand your market presence by attracting new subscribers and offerring bundle of services: video surveillance and security perimeter , smart-house (IoT) and intercom

    • multi-apartment-icon Residential condominiums
    • private-development-icon Private properties

Take full advantage of Aipix to deploy comprehensive cloud video surveillance service

Flexible licensensing model for each Aipix product.
Growth and expansion your business by connecting the number of licenses you need

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