Video surveillance server software - Aipix Mediaserver


Industry-ready software media server to capture, record and distribute streams from video surveillance sources

Aipix Mediaserver - High-performance software media server for content delivery | Product Hunt

High-performance server
for processing video, audio, and data

  • High performance

    Ability to process a larger number of video streams
    at different bitrates on a single computing node (in real conditions up to 5,000 video streams)

  • Full data redundancy

    Seamless horizontal and vertical scaling in cluster modes

  • Efficient Resources Utilization

    Optimal balance between performance and use of hardware resources

  • Public API interface

    Seamless integration with third-party systems

  • Fast archive navigation

    Proprietary archive format for fast searching and DVR playback

  • Low-latency streaming

    Capture, record and playback data streams with minimum delays

Next-generation Streaming Software

Software media server for capturing, storing and distributing streaming data from video surveillance sources of different vendors

Capturing and streaming

  • Support for various video codecs: Н.264, Н.265, MJPEG

  • Support for various audio codecs: PCMA, PCMU, MPA, AAC transcoding

  • Work with unlimited RTSP streams with different resolutions, bitrates, and quality

  • Work with Video, Audio, and ONVIF channels

Archive Recording

  • Reliable recording of video data archives with backup and redundancy

  • Flexible archive cleanup

  • DVR storage (physical/virtual) with unlimited depth

  • Multi-protocol access to the archive

  • Archive data export to mp4, RAW, Screenshot, and Timeline series Screenshots

Media stream viewing

  • Video access authorization

  • Archive navigation and viewing

  • Multiprotocol delivery in live and archive mode

  • Video preview: mp4 or JPEG

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