This is the biggest Aipix update in a while and so version 23.04 represents completely new platform functionality, changes to existing functionality, and bug fixes:

  • Online licensing added for all products
  • New functionality for displaying analytics events in mobile app
  • The UTC standard is used for all dates
  • Added support and integration for Intercom vendor’s systems
  • A number of updates for intercoms have been made
  • A number of bugs have been fixed.

This version is not compatible with versions below 22.12.1.

What’s New

What’s New

Aipix Control Center

Administrator Account

  • The “Licensing” section has been renamed to “Licenses”
  • Massages about license validity period and warning messages about license expiration has been added, as well as other messages about interaction with the licensing server
  • Added information on the number of distributed licenses
  • Display of licensing server status has been added
  • Added “Software support and updates” tab
  • Display of available analytics types for different licensing levels has been added
  • Added a message if the schedule was configured by a user from a different time zone
  • Return to the list of location cameras has been added
  • Changed display of audio track presence in the “Video streams” tab when viewing a camera
Media Servers
  • Added option to enable/disable the “Incorrect cameras” functionality
  • A corresponding message has been added in case media server groups are missing
  • Events for incorrect cameras have been added
  • New permissions have been added for the web client user, such as:
    • Client updates – new functionality will be available to the user, which is opened with appropriate permissions in the web client
    • Administration updates — new functionality will be available to the user, which is opened with appropriate permissions in the administrator account
  • On the “Temporary Users” tab, now you can use any value for the “Login” field when adding or editing a temporary user
  • New status “Initializing” has been added for cameras started manually
  • Changes have been added to the “Switch Matrix” tab when viewing an intercom
  • Now the login and password of the intercom are displayed when viewing the intercom
  • Checking for a network connection has been added for “Intersvyaz” intercoms
  • Added a description of options for enabling the general connection scheme
  • Display of “Online” or “Offline” status for intercoms has been added
  • Added “Line diagnostics” functionality to the “Apartment” tab when viewing the intercom
  • Added apartment settings
  • Changed the logic of selecting the connection scheme
  • Added functionality to add an intercom camera to a user
  • Changed the authorization check for intercoms
  • Improved the check for the end of a call from the intercom
  • Now, by clicking on the analytics streams, you are directed to the “Streams” tab. In this case, only streams for the current executable file are displayed on the tab
System Settings
  • Added control over the presence of a captcha on the login page of the web client and in  mobile applications

Web Client

  • Captcha has been added for user authorization
  • Added a message if analytics work schedule was configured by a user from a different time zone
  • Error handling functionality has been added for creating, deleting, and updating analytics cases
  • Messages about the validity period of licenses and warning messages about expiring  licenses have been added

Mobile Apps

  • Added a message about the release of a new version. Also, the client version is displayed on the “Other” → “Settings” page
  • Now the temporary code for adding a visitor consists of 5 digits
  • Added display of “Online” or “Offline” status for intercoms
  • Improved functionality at the end of the call
  • The “Tags” section has been renamed to “Events” and completely updated. The received events are divided into three types: analytics events, system events, and user tags
Date format
  • Now all dates are displayed in UTC format
  • Captcha has been added for user authorization

Aipix Videoanalytics

  • Added licensing module
  • Added support for offline licensing
  • Added algorithm for sending licensing server status to the VMS platform
  • The functionality of recording user messages when accessing the licensing server has been changed


Aipix Control Center

Desktop Client

  • Fixed an issue where playback speed of the archive does not reset to 1x when selecting a new camera
  • Fixed an issue where the file name does not match the camera name in the saved archive.
  • Fixed an issue with  minimizing the main window
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the new name on a renamed camera
  • Fixed an issue where the password change field is not active for a temporary user

Mobile Apps

  • Fixed an issue with switching video quality when using mobile internet
  • Fixed an issue where video quality does not switch from standard to high when viewing  live
  • Fixed an issue with function of video stream zoom in/out during tagging
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the logo in the notification when saving a screenshot
  • Fixed an issue with selecting a time later than the current time when saving an archive for any day except today
  • Fixed an issue with rewinding in a saved recording when playing back from a device
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the archive when the video stream is unavailable
  • Fixed display of the “Technical work in progress” screen

Aipix Mediaserver

  • Improved stability of capturing RTSP streams of some camera vendors
  • Fixed an issue with connection of the media server to the licensing server

Aipix Videoanalytics

  • Fixed an issue with processing statistics
  • Fixed an issue with deleting an image from Tarantool
  • Fixed an issue with lost MySQL connection