Release 23.06 introduces updates and changes of functionality to the platform:

  • A number of updates has been made for cameras and intercoms.
  • Aipix Control Center API has been updated.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

This version is not compatible with versions below 22.12.1.

What’s New

What’s New

Aipix Control Center

External API

Aipix Control Center functionality has been updated as part of the development of a new API that allows integration with third-party services. The API documentation has also been updated.

Administrator Account

  • Optimized the request for retrieving the list of users
  • Added permission for a user, which is responsible for synchronizing root groups of the tree after group creation
  • The “Logins” tab has been renamed to “User” and modified
  • Added permission to display the “Sync keys” button on the “Key list” tab when viewing an intercom
  • Changed the display of cameras on the map
  • Renamed camera groups to “Public” and “Private”
  • Changed the display of camera profile when viewing a camera, added the “Network devices” section
  • Added a new step of auto-provisioning called “Network devices”
  • Added an intercom icon for the intercom camera when viewing camera group and in the camera search
  • Added the “User” and “Deletion date” columns to the table in “Deleted” section
  • Added “Video recording” section
  • Added the option to download a list of keys
  • Added the option to switch from the “View in player” tab when viewing intercom by clicking on the intercom camera name to the “General data” tab when viewing camera, and vice versa
  • Added the option to download a list of apartments and an apartment list template, and upload a list of apartment
  • Added “Sync keys” button to the “Key list” tab when viewing an intercom
  • Added display and download capabilities for generated response
  • Added new events and removed several old ones
  • Changed server selection the logic for stream creation or transfer


  • Modified the display of table column names on the “Statistics” tab

Mobile Apps

  • Added a message if the intercom is offline


Aipix Control Center

Administrator account

  • Fixed a bug that prevented moving a camera to an empty location

Mobile Apps

  • Fixed a bug in creating a missed call tag from the intercom

Aipix Videoanalytics

  • Fixed a bug in processing analytics tasks