Aipix Solutions Smart Intercom as a Service

Launch Smart Intercom
as a Telecom Service

based on Aipix Platform

Cloud Smart Intercom as a Service: beneficial VAS for Telecom Operators

Cloud-based Smart Intercom Service can be delivered to end users on a large scale

Providing an exclusive Smart Intercom Service prevents competitors from gaining market share

Bundling the service with core telecom services leads to increase LTV

Smart Intercom Service in the cloud enable effective management and allocation of resources and so lower TCO

Combining cloud-based Smart Intercom and Video Surveillance Services in a comprehensive smart service package results in higher revenue

Offering customizable subscription plans tailored to different customer needs enhances overall service flexibility and customer satisfaction

Significant benefits of Aipix Platform for Telco

Compatibility with various intercom panel vendors

API-based integrations

Integration with IMS

Support for analogue intercom system handsets

Customization of intercom camera usage logic

Multi-service management via unified administration interface

Smart Video Intercom Service by Telco:
Convenient and secure home access for subscribers

  • Without the need to replace of existing intercom equipment as service provided from the cloud

  • Generating temporary or permanent guest passwords for controlled access

  • Ability to set their own schedule for intercom calls according to personal timetable

  • Unlocking doors using a user-friendly mobile app

  • Keyless entry through facial recognition technology (FaceID)

  • Viewing missed calls and identifying visitors

Launch Video Analytics Service on base of
the Aipix Platform

Introduce Video Analytics Services for your subscribers in combination with other VAS

Video Surveillance
as a Telecom Service

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Video Analytics
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Launch Smart Intercom Service on base of
the Aipix Platform

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