Aipix Telecom
VSaaS Platform

Aipix Telecom VSaaS Platform is designed specifically for Telecoms and Service providers, enabling them to run their own video surveillance-based cloud services with unlimited scalability and top-tier performance

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Telecom-centric approach

The telecom-centric approach of the Aipix Telecom VSaaS platform offers significant advantages for telecom operators by focusing on serving the masses, enabling quick entry to the market, accelerating the expansion of service portfolios, and facilitating subscriber base growth. Telecom operators can efficiently deploy and manage VSaaS solutions while ensuring scalability to handle an unlimited number of users, servers, and devices.

This approach streamlines operations, reduces time to market (TTM), and positions telcos to meet evolving customer demands in the rapidly expanding video surveillance market effectively.

Exploring Aipix Telecom VSaaS Platform Benefits

Hybrid Cloud Approach
  • Bandwidth reduction, ensuring optimal performance while efficiently utilizing resources
  • Enhanced scalability and responsiveness across the infrastructure with distributed installation and processing capabilities
  • Centralized management streamlines operations, simplifying control and oversight
  • Support for disaster recovery through geographical distribution, ensuring resilience and continuity of services
  • Privacy policy compliance, particularly with private cloud storage options
  • Vendor-agnostic nature for enhanced compatibility, allowing integration with servers and IP cameras from any vendor
Seamless platform integration with Telco internal systems
  • API integration of the Aipix VSaaS Platform empowers telecom operators to deliver services efficiently
  • API integration of the Aipix VSaaS Platform empowers telecom operators to deliver services efficiently
  • OAuth2 for secure data provisioning to external systems, keeping data integrity and confidentiality
  • Integrations with external logging and analysis systems enable operators to gain insights and optimize performance
  • Integration with geo-maps providers and address systems, operators can enhance location-based services and improve customer experiences
On-prem solution to build private service cloud
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure with the flexibility to deploy either on physical servers or within the operator's virtual infrastructure in its data center optimizing resource utilization and enhancing operational efficiency
  • Leveraged the resources of public clouds, facilitating the establishment of a hybrid cloud environment that enhances scalability and performance while minimizing infrastructure costs
  • Full control over the services provided to subscribers, empowering them to tailor features, security measures, and performance parameters to meet specific customer requirements
Service AutoProvisioning
  • Rapidy establishment of their services and efficient deployment process by streamlining the setup of a comprehensive operator infrastructure
  • Full and transparent control over every step of service provisioning, allowing operators to oversee the entire lifecycle from creation to activation, ensuring adherence to standards and regulatory requirements
  • Sequential, rapid, and predictable service penetration across the established infrastructure enables operators to efficiently scale their offerings and expand their subscriber base with confidence
  • Support for bulk operator services, catering to diverse subscriber types and ensuring scalability without compromising performance or quality
Native multi-tenant platform
  • Implementation of a shared client infrastructure approach eliminates the need to maintain separate infrastructure for each client and ensures efficient utilization of resources and reduced operational complexities
  • While delivering service, Telco provide subscribers with full control over their individual video surveillance systems
  • Enhanced customer autonomy and customization without compromising the efficiency and scalability of the overall service
White label
  • Reinforced brand identity and loyalty by offering custom-branded services
  • Tailoring the platform to align with their brand's image and values, operators enhance recognition and differentiation in the market, driving adoption and revenue growth
  • Customization of marketing and support, ensuring a cohesive brand experience
  • Strengthened market position and coverd demand for innovative VSaaS service while maintaining brand integrity

Aipix empowers Telecom Operators to elevate their business by running Value-Added Services

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Discover the capabilities of all components of the Aipix Telecom VSaaS Platform

Aipix Control Center

Aipix Control Center serves as the centralized management system within the Aipix Telecom Platform. It functions as a core component to efficiently administer, configure, and monitor users, severs and devices.

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Aipix Mediaserver

Aipix Mediaserver operates as software media server within the Aipix Telecom Platform. Its principal role is to capture, record, and distribute streams originating from video surveillance sources.

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Aipix Videoanalytics

Aipix Videoanalytics is an additional component within the Aipix Telecom Platform, specializing on AI-driven analysis of video data.

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