Aipix Videoanalytics is an additional component within the Aipix Telecom Platform, specializing on AI-driven analysis of video data

Intelligent video analysis and processing of
video streams from various sources

High-performance scalable architecture for managing video stream analytics

Flexible video analytics framework for quick deployment of new business cases

Smart data processing pipeline based on neural networks

Publish live streams using RTSP protocol

CPU-based processing to save hardware resources

Aipix Videoanalytics component
provides a wide set of analytics cases
to shape video analytics solutions
as a service

  • Face recognition

    identify individuals and match them with lists in real-time with appropriate event response

  • License plate recognition

    automatically recognize vehicle license pates with comparison against a database with flexible reactions and notifications

  • Visitor counting

    count the foot traffic in an area or crossing an area in real-time

  • Line crossing detection

    automatically detect objects crossing a virtual line to control entrances, exits and other zones

  • Fire & smoke detection

    detect smoke and open flame within configurable zones and trigger alarms

  • Camera damage detection

    continuously monitor camera availability, detect cameras' damage, blocking or vandalism and trigger alarms

  • Loud sounds detection

    automatically identify the loud sounds using the video camera's microphone and issue notifications based on assigned detection parameters

  • Motion detection

    automatically detect objects moving in a specified area, identify the start and stop of the movement and trigger alerts

  • Queue processing

    automatically locates and accurately counts the number of people in a designated area of the video stream

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Ease of use: Aipix Video Analytics as part of
Platform is suitable for non-professional users

Component philosophy is centered around catering to non-professional subscribers and providing a user-friendly experience

End user-centric approach: 3 steps to set up an analytics case

Select and apply
Set the name of the analytics case Select an analytics type from the list
Specify analytics events and reactions
Selecting an analytics event
Choosing a reaction to a selected event
  • Switch on camera when triggered by event criteria
  • Tag events
  • Send sound notification
  • Send event notification over messengers
  • Display event in sidebar
Select analytics resources and configure cameras
Create a new resource group or select from a list of existing ones Select a camera from the list and configure the settings for the created events and reactions

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