Aipix Mediaserver operates as software media server within the Aipix Telecom Platform. Its principal role is to capture, record, and distribute streams originating from video surveillance sources.

High-performance server for processing video, audio, and data

High performance

Ability to process a larger number of video streamsat different bitrates on a single computing node (in real conditions up to 5,000 video streams)

Efficient resources utilization

Optimal balance between performance and use of hardware resources

Full data redundancy

Seamless horizontal and vertical scaling in cluster modes

Public API interface

Seamless integration with third-party systems

Fast archive navigation

Proprietary archive format for fast searching and DVR playback

Low latency streaming

Capture, record and playback data streams with minimum delays

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Next-generation streaming software

Software media server for capturing, storing and distributing streaming data from video surveillance sources of different vendors

Capturing and streaming

Support for various video codecs: Н.264, Н.265, MJPEG
Support for various audio codecs: PCMA, PCMU, MPA, AAC transcoding
Work with unlimited RTSP streams with different resolutions, bitrates, and quality
Work with Video, Audio, and ONVIF channels

Archive recording

Reliable recording of video data archives with backup and redundancy
Flexible archive cleanup
DVR storage (physical/virtual) with unlimited depth
Multi-protocol access to the archive
Archive data export to mp4, RAW, Screenshot, and Timeline series Screenshots

Media stream viewing

Video access authorization
Archive navigation and viewing
Multiprotocol delivery in live and archive mode
Video preview: mp4 or JPEG

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