Control Center

Aipix Control Center serves as the centralized management system within the Aipix Telecom Platform. It functions as a core component to efficiently administer, configure, and monitor users, severs and devices.

Central control panel for complete service management

Aipix Platform configuration, performance monitoring and interaction management of all Aipix components and integrated modules

Unified intertace to manage the lifecycle or users, devices and service

Multitenancy to enable end-users to have full control over their isolated video surveillance system

Preset dashboards to monitor service parameters and easily troubleshoot any issues

Full control of Mediaserver hardware and virtual resources

Supervising of users, sessions and messages, customer publications and instructions

Management of statistics and investigation of incidents with a flexible reporting system

User-friendly interface for administration

Management of the entire cloud video surveillance system from a single easy-to-use interface


Web interface for service administrators


Powerful tool for management of users, cameras and other devices


Built-in system-wide monitoring and provisioning for all platform components


Detailed statistics and reporting dashboards to display system information, events, actions and alarms

Full integration
with third-party systems

Open API interface

seamless integration with third-party OSS/BSS, CRM, Provisioning systems, and more

Built-in integration module

quick and simple integration with external devices and systems: access control and management systems, intercoms, IoT solutions, and more

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Ready to use end-user interfaces of all types by Aipix - special for Telco clients convenience

Web client

Compatible with all modern web browsers

Web client

Web client enables you to:

View live video and video archive in your web browser
Configure camera layouts and groups
Download video archives
Control PTZ cameras
Create user and system tags in the archive
View events and alarms
Control address-based camera tree
Activate actions and reactions on to triggered events

Mobile applications

Apps for Android and iOS

Mobile application

With mobile apps you can:

View live video and video archive in your web browser
Navigate video archive using the recorded video timeline
Receive push notifications
Answer visitors' video calls and open the doors from the Intercom application menu
Control PTZ cameras

Desktop client

Desktop client

Desktop client allows end user to:

Setup video walls with simultaneous display of up to 200 cameras on a single PC
Configure various camera layouts
Control PTZ cameras with joysticks

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Aipix Mediaserver

Aipix Mediaserver operates as software media server within the Aipix Telecom Platform. Its principal role is to capture, record, and distribute streams originating from video surveillance sources.

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Aipix Videoanalytics

Aipix Videoanalytics is an additional component within the Aipix Telecom Platform, specializing on AI-driven analysis of video data.

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